Northampton KiDS Club Bible Verse Challenge

The kids have 30 weeks of KiDS Club to memorize these verses.

Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 5:1-48
Matthew 6:1-34
Matthew 7:1-29

*Use the guide provided to help keep track of Memorizing Scripture*

1st-2nd Grade (22 verses total) – 1st and 2nd Grade Guide

Memorize Matthew 5:1-16, Psalm 23:1-6

Memorize 1-5= Candy Bar

Memorize 1-10 =Trip to the Treasure Box

Memorize 1-16 =ice cream treat

Memorize Matthew 5:1-16 and Psalm 23:1-6 = Five Below Gift Card


3rd-4th Grade (54 verses) – 3rd and 4th Grade Guide

Memorize all Matthew 5:1- 48 & Matthew 6:9-14 = Go for Ice Cream

Memorize Half (27 verses) = token for ice cream


5th-6th Grade Challenge (111 verses) – 5th and 6th Grade Guide

Memorize all 111 verses in the year and recite them = Dinner Out

Memorize 82 verses = Five Below Gift Card

Memorize 48 verses= Ice Cream treat