MISSION (What We Do)

“We are a God-driven movement of Christ Followers, passionately loving God, genuinely loving others, and boldly reaching our world for Christ.”


LONG-TERM VISION (Desired End State)

Northampton is a church where all people can come to Believe in Jesus as their Savior, Belong to Him as a disciple and Become more like Him through Spiritual Transformation.



By April 2017, Northampton will make strides toward health and unity internally.  Our focus is to move Northampton to a place where people are welcome to come, are satisfied to stay and compelled to tell others.

We will be evaluating and strengthening the Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry and Sunday Morning Worship Service in order to create a place where people come, stay and tell others in the process of believing, belonging and becoming.


TARGET OF OUR OUTREACH (Our Main Demographic)

We desire to reach the unchurched , the de-churched, and churched peoples. We will be relevant to all generations, with the primary focus of our outreach being young families, helping all people to believe, belong and become like Jesus.


VALUES (Why We Do What We Do)

Persistent & Consistent Prayer

We value prayer.  Prayer is the battleground in our lives and is the foundation upon which we build eternal results inside and outside the church.


Welcoming & Authentic Environments

We value reflecting genuine, Christ-like love to those inside and outside the church.  This is expressed in: genuine fellowship, loving one another and being transparent.  Our transparency is expressed by being honest about who we are, who God created us to be, willing to share struggles and victories along the way.  Next steps within our organization are clearly understood and communicated.


Equipping & Empowering Leadership

We value raising up leaders, replacing ourselves, equipping leaders and teachers for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:12).


Transformative Teaching

We value teaching and preaching for spiritual transformation at all ages and life-stages; solidly based on Scriptural Truths empowered by the Holy Spirit and Biblical Authority.  Transformative teaching has the aim of helping people Believe, Belong and Become in the process of making disciples


Ministry Partnerships

We value partnerships inside and outside the church to further the Gospel locally and around the world.


Selflessly Serving

We expect people to serve and provide clear paths for people to serve.  We value serving the Body, serving one another, serving the community and our spheres of influence for the purpose of helping introduce people to Jesus.


Flexibility & Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

We value openness to God’s leading in all that we do.  We will not allow anything we currently do to stand in the way of what God might be doing or desire to do in and through us.


STRATEGY (How We Do What We Do)

Spiritual Transformation is the result of the Holy Spirit of God and the Word of God intersecting a person’s life.  We create environments where this intersection can occur for people of various ages and spiritual life-stages.

We want to help people BELIEVE in Jesus > BELONG to Jesus > BECOME like Jesus in healthy environments.   Ultimately, we want to lead people to a personal, growing relationship with Jesus and help them to grow in that relationship and be spiritually transformed.